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Möchten Sie in Euro spenden?

A big thank you to everyone for the lovely support we have had following the announcement of the summer volunteering project being cancelled this year.

Like everyone, we are very worried about how we as an organisation are going to come through the other side of this unsettling time, we are worried for our health, our family, friends, supporters, families and colleagues in Belarus and the list could go on.

The stories of how people are helping each other around the world are nothing short of incredible and shows exactly what life is all about. Keep looking after each other everyone, stay home and safe.

Until we can get back to our little piece of magic in the forest, we have videos like these to enjoy, which can be found here.

Were you thinking of volunteering or picking up some donations for our children this year? If you think you may be able to still help us to make sure we can continue to keep doing what we do after this is all over, please donate above.